How to Achieve a "Good Divorce"

Legal Advice from an Experienced Rhode Island Divorce Attorney:

Everyone knows someone who "did their divorce right." They don't hate their ex-spouse. They co-parent their children well. And they moved on with their lives!

Rhode Island divorce attorney Kerry I Rafanelli has been helping clients work toward "good divorce" for more than 30 years. He's seen the heartache and financial costs that accompany mistakes in divorce , and he works to help his clients avoid those bad outcomes (if they are avoidable).

A good divorce is not an impossible dream

If you want to come out on the other side of the divorce process happier and whole, here are some things you can do to increase your chances of achieving that outcome.

  • Educate yourself – Understand what's reasonable to expect in a Rhode Island divorce, child custody and alimony case. That will help you …
  • Set reasonable expectations – The reality of divorce is, no one gets everything they want, no matter how good their lawyer is. Your spouse has rights, too, and the law has to take those rights into consideration. It helps if you understand what things are most important for YOUR long-term happiness and what things are negotiable. That will make it easier to arrive at a child custody arrangement or property settlement agreement that you can live with.
  • Understand your finances – Know how much money you have and how much you want to spend on getting divorced. This will help you make reasonable compromises in order to keep costs down.
  • Don't fight too much about things being exactly equal – When it comes to the division of marital assets and alimony, doing right by the other party is often less expensive than fighting it out. It's not uncommon for someone to pay $30,000 in legal fees in a fight not to pay $5,000 in alimony. But does that make sense?
  • Strive to put your children's interests first – When it comes to your children, start with the understanding that both parents are extremely important to your child. Plan to support each other and plan to share. Think about what constitutes quality time together? Ensure each parent has it. Strive to minimize the chance for conflict. A thorough parenting plan can be very helpful.

A good divorce is possible

Your divorce doesn't need to take years off your life and leave emotional scars and ruined relationships in its wake. And it doesn't have to bankrupt you.

We'll help you reach for the goal of a good divorce. Call East Greenwich divorce lawyer Kerry I. Rafanelli at 401-398-8388 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our law office.