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Not all divorces are hostile. Some dissolutions can and should be resolved through mediation, a formal process by which couples negotiate the terms of their divorce decree -- including such crucial issues as division of marital assets, custody, child support and visitation rights. The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method involves a trained facilitator who helps partners find common ground and guides them toward agreements about disputed issues.

Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has worked toward amicable solutions through mediation for 30 years. Kerry is trained as a mediator who can conduct your mediation sessions. In this role, he does not represent you or your spouse, but instead acts as an impartial facilitator to help you reach an agreement. Kerry can also represent you if you have successfully completed the mediation process with another mediator. As your attorney, he files your uncontested divorce with the Family Court.

Benefits of mediation

Do not automatically assume that your spouse is too angry, upset or stubborn to compromise. During the mediation process, many couples discover that they can agree on more issues than they realized. In addition, Kerry can help you and your spouse see the big picture as you proceed through the mediation process which:

  • Usually costs less than litigation
  • Often can result in a final divorce decree sooner than through trial
  • Typically is less stressful than courtroom proceedings
  • Can help you maintain a cordial relationship with your formal spouse
  • Encourages cooperation between parents
  • Gives you control over the outcome

Divorce mediation attorney helping children

Kerry is dedicated to minimizing the anxiety children experience during their parents' divorce. When appropriate, the court appoints Kerry as a Guardian Ad Litem to represent a child's interests. During mediation, Kerry helps parents recognize what is best for their children and reach resolutions that are consistent with their children's well-being, happiness and health.

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