Compassionate Guardian Ad Litem Attorneys in East Greenwich Protecting Children's Rights

Representing children's best interests

Children deserve to be heard when the court makes custody, visitation and support decisions. After all, the outcomes of these rulings directly affect their lives. Appointed by the court, a guardian ad litem (GAL) gives children a voice. The GAL represents a child's best interest during parents' divorce or separation proceedings.

Divorce attorney Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has 30 years of experience advocating for children in family law cases. Rhode Island Monthly magazine featured an article about how Kerry's role as guardian ad litem has helped children whose parents are involved in contentious divorces and family law disputes.

GAL's role in divorce proceedings

The court considers the children's best interest in cases involving custody, visitation, relocation, parental rights and support. As guardian ad litem, we determine and present recommendations to the Court based on the evidence. In the GAL role, we:

  • Investigate the facts
  • Conduct interviews with parents and other relevant parties
  • Talk to the child about her or his wishes
  • Review social services, medical, psychological, school and criminal records
  • File reports with the court
  • Appear at court proceedings
  • Attend mediation sessions
  • Make recommendations to the court

How our guardian ad litem can protect your children

A loving parent can become embroiled in a hostile divorce that involves disputes about their children's upbringing. Both parents may bitterly be fighting for custody or one parent may have an issue of concern to the court. A GAL can minimize emotional damage and allow your children to retain neutrality. Although we consider your children's wishes, we recommend to the court what is in the child's best interest -- which are not always the same. We are often able to facilitate resolution of parental disputes by presenting the children's best interest during mediation.

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