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You use products daily without worrying about potential dangers. This feeling of confidence arises from the implied warranties intrinsic in the laws surrounding the design, manufacture and sales of products. However, when corporations make mistakes, everyday products can become serious hazards that can cause severe or fatal injuries.

Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has represented consumers injured by defective products for 30 years. We handle all types of products liability cases, including:

  • Household appliances
  • Home cleaning chemicals
  • Makeup and beauty products
  • Lawnmowers and landscaping tools
  • Construction and building tools
  • Automobiles and auto parts
  • Infant car seats
  • Baby products
  • Children's toys
  • Sports equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Food
  • Firearms and explosives

Our law firm accepts your case on contingency so that you do not pay any attorneys' fees until we recover compensation for your injuries.

Holding negligent corporations accountable for your injuries

The production of an unsafe product can occur at any one of the stages from design to making to marketing. You may have a cause of action against a negligent corporation for:

  • Design defects -- The product designer can be held liable if a safer hypothetical alternative could be produced that retains the product's functionality and is economically feasible.
  • Manufacturing defects -- The manufacturer can be held liable if a mistake was made during the production phase that resulted in an unsafe product.
  • Marketing and vendor defects -- The vendor who sold you the product can be held liable if the company mislabeled its contents, failed to warn you of hazards or provided inadequate instructions.

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