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East Greenwich family law lawyer Kerry I. Rafanelli has 30 years of experience resolving family law matters. Our law firm emphasizes mediation as an effective means of efficiently reaching win-win resolution to disputes and negotiating challenging issues. We also act as your zealous advocate during litigation and court hearings to protect your rights. Read our responses to family law FAQs and then contact us to discuss your individual case. Our team is ready to help you with all of your family law issues, including:

  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements -- A prenuptial contract allows you to protect your pre-marital assets by agreeing to terms of distribution if you should divorce. You can also agree to property allocation after you marry in a postnuptial contract. We treat your fiancé or spouse with dignity and respect during your pre- and postnuptial negotiations.
  • Adoption -- Adopting a child is an exciting and joyful occasion.  We guide you through the legal path to this rewarding experience.  Adoption is truly one of the better experiences in Family Court.
  • Paternity -- Whether you are the mother establishing paternity to secure the financial support your child deserves, the father proving his paternity to obtain visitation with his child or a man who refutes claims of fatherhood, our law firm can expeditiously resolve your case.
  • Guardianship -- The court appoints a legal guardian to make decisions when a person's minority age or mental or physical impairment renders her or him unable to do so. Our law firm helps parents create an estate plan that names an appropriate guardian should both parents die. We also handle cases in which an adult who becomes incapacitated does not have a power of attorney to designate the decision-maker and therefore a family member or friend is appointed by the Probate Court to watch over the persona and their finances.
  • Petition for relocation -- The court considers your child's best interest when deciding whether to allow a move out of the jurisdiction. Our office assists you in pre or post-final judgment relief--either filing for modification of visitation that allows you to move or stopping the other parent from relocating with your child.

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