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Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are important for all couples, not just those with substantial assets. You worked hard for your financial independence and a divorce can diminish your savings, your retirement fund or the inheritance you intended to leave for your children. A premarital contract preserves your individual rights to the assets you owned prior to marrying. A postnuptial contract protects your rights to property that might have been otherwise subject to division during a divorce.

Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has 30 years of experience in matrimonial and divorce law. We advise you on protecting your financial interests in personal property and business assets. Our team recognizes the sensitive nature of pre- and postnuptial agreements and we always treat your fiancé or spouse with respect, dignity and fairness.

Marital contract mediation

Mediation offers an effective forum for creating an equitable agreement. This method gives you the opportunity to negotiate in a formal setting with the aid of a trained facilitator. As with any contract negotiation, we encourage both spouses to retain representation so that the process is fair to each. Individual representation also protects the integrity of the contract should you ever need to enforce it.

Comingling assets

Even with a contract in place, you need to take decisive steps to protect your separate property. Comingling your individual and marital assets can subject your property to divorce laws. For example, if you regularly deposit your paycheck -- which is marital property -- into your pre-marital individual bank account, your spouse can make a valid claim to your commingled funds. Likewise, if you use your marital property to build your thriving pre-marital business, your spouse can show an interest in your company if such action was not specifically excluded in your prenuptial agreement. Our team explains this complex concept to you so that you can maintain your separate property and protect your individual interests. You can learn more in our family law FAQs and during your personal consultation about marital agreements.

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