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When somebody you loved and trusted abuses you, the incident is frightening and disheartening. Your shared children, pets or possessions can complicate an already confusing situation. However, you have help available. The Rhode Island Domestic Violence Prevention Act provides the foundation for legal assistance to victims. In addition, local organizations offer emergency and ongoing assistance.

For 30 years, our law firm Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has supported victims of domestic violence. Our primary objective is getting you and your loved ones to a safe place. Next we help you obtain court orders that protect you from further violence. We pursue the immediate help you need as we strategize a long-term plan for your family.

Understanding domestic abuse

The victim and perpetrator of domestic assault or disorderly conduct can be a man or a woman. Domestic violence can occur in homes at any social economic level and by and against individuals of any race, nationality or religion. Children and adults and married and unmarried victims are entitled to legal protection from abuse.

Civil and criminal domestic violence restraining orders

Both a civil and criminal restraining orders compel your abuser to remain away from you and restricts contact and communication. A criminal court issues a no contact order when a defendant is charged with domestic assault or disorderly conduct.

Resources for victims of domestic violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence, these resources can provide you with important information and crucial assistance:

In Rhode Island, the following resources are available:

In Massachusetts, the following resources are available:

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