Kerry represented me in a divorce case. He was professional and friendly right from the beginning. He helped me understand the process and clearly answered any questions or concerns whenever I had any. His paralegal, Jennie, was kind and courteous. Prompt with responses. I definitely recommend Kerry to anyone needing a good lawyer.

- Raymond K.

I can only say positive things about my experience working with Kerry. From the moment I met him, he put me at ease with his disarming sense of humor and calming demeanor. He is understanding, kind, caring, and extremely thorough in his approach. It was nice to know that I had a competent, hard-working attorney to see me through a difficult process. I would not hesitate to use him in the future if needed and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of counsel.

- Susan R.

I have know Kerry Rafanelli for eight years and have the necessity to work with him on two separate occasions. He could not have been more accomodating and generous in both his time and compassion throughout a very painful process for me. He was very patient and calming in circumstances which were very unpredictable. Kerry was attentive and available especially given his heavy work schedule. I felt he always had time for me and was prompt with his return phone calls and appointments. In addition to his attorny fees being surprisingly moderate and fair, I felt well informed and was comfortable with his great knowledge of legal matters. I would not consider retaining the services of another attorney as my experience with both Kerry and his staff were impeccable. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for counsel.

- Liz

Kerry is an outstanding attorney. He is very savvy in the courtroom and obviously respected and liked by all his colleagues and the bench. Highly recommended!

- Susan P.

Kerry made me feel at ease throughout the process. He was extremely helpful in guiding me through the maze of divorce. Anytime I had a question or concern he would always call me back and was very giving of his time. He was recommended to me by a friend at work and I would definitely recommend him to others. He is professional in all aspects and I have the utmost respect for his skills as an attorney. I would also like to add that his assistant (Nicole) is great to work with and was always very helpful if I had any questions about the divorce process. They make a great team!

- Tom

I would like to add my recommendation for Kerry Rafanelli. He has been my lawyer for the past 20 years. While representing me, his main concern has always been fairness and justice. In addition, many times over the years he has advised me in family issues. He was never too busy to return my calls. He is knowledgeable, professional and honest in any legal matter I have brought to him. Anyone searching for a competent, respectful lawyer should look to Kerry.

- Meg

Kerry came highly recommended to me by several close friends and family members. I met with him several times initially to get an understanding of what to expect in the process of divorce. He was clear and gave me a great understanding of what my options were. I had several issues along the way and Kerry was an amazing help in understanding what my rights were. For anyone who has been through this, you understand the importance of having the right person on your side. I feel I had that with Kerry. He made me feel secure in my decisions and gave me, in some cases, the strength to fight for what was right for me and my daughter's future. He still continues to help me work through the issues of divorce. I cannot thank him enough. I don’t recommend people lightly. I would recommend him to anyone who is going through this process.

- Susan P.

Kerry Rafanelli is the kind of guy you want to live next door to. He is honest, trustworthy and exhibits a wealth of knowledge concerning legal issues. He openly shares his information and he cares about his clients. I know as I have retained Kerry on numerous occasions and referred him to many family members and friends as well. I have used his expertise in family court matters, estate issues and personal injury accidents. Kerry is the type of lawyer you want to watch out for you as you traverse the legal system and he will walk you through every step, taking the time to explain the process as you go.

- Donna.

Hiring Kerry Rafanelli as your attorney is like having a terrific brother-in-law who just happens to be a lawyer. He knows the Rhode Island legal system and will always steer you in the right direction. He cares about his clients. His honest, "tell it like it is" approach is refreshing. He is not like some lawyers who will say what they think you want to hear just to get your business. Kerry is fair, balanced and forthright not only in the courtroom but also with his fees. I have had other lawyers represent me in the past but since meeting Kerry Rafanelli, he is the first one I call with any legal issue. And I have recommended him to all my family and friends as well.


Divorce is a very unhappy and unfortunate course of events in a marriage. The issue is exacerbated when there is a child involved and two people cannot agree as to the terms of the ending of the marriage. Specifically, in regards to how their new lives will proceed while keeping the best interests of the child. Fortunately, I was able to find Kerry Rafanelli. Kerry is very professional and knowledgeable. Kerry always made me comfortable and was with me in all the uncomfortable situations. He was always available for me and always addressed my concerns to the highest satisfaction. Kerry worked and got me the best situation possible. With Kerry I just felt like someone really had my back. I would most certainly hire Kerry again.

- Chris H.

Attorney Kerry Rafanelli is the A one attorney that would help you with all your legal matters. I felt like l was speaking to family while discussing my case with him. He has a caring way that makes you feel comfortable. He is extremely patient, caring and explains everything to you in a matter that you would understand. He helped me with a most difficult divorce and the outcome was outstanding! He is an extremely intelligent attorney and I would highly recommend him for all your legal matters. Without his help, caring compassion and support, I believe I would not be in the wonderful situation I am today. He also has a great sense of humor and he is top notch in his field. I cannot thank him enough or his loving staff. I would recommend Attorney Kerry Rafanelli to all my friends and family.

- Kerri T.

Kerry is very professional and knowledgeable. He has an ability to make you very comfortable in the most uncomfortable of situations. He takes pride in his work and is always prepared. He walks you through your case from beginning to end with patience, making sure that you understand the process every step of the way. He will answer any question with honesty and accuracy, always making sure justice prevails. I would recommend Kerry to all of my friends and family.

- Nicole M.

Attorney Rafanelli represented me in several legal matters over the past few years. Kerry Rafanelli was highly recommended and I can clearly see why he has the reputation that he does. Kerry went above and beyond in assisting with my legal matters and the outcome has always been easily accepted. Mr. Rafanelli has the ability to find creative solutions to satisfy both parties which in my opinion is priceless. I would certainly recommend Kerry to anyone looking for the best!!!

- Steves401

About 10 years ago Kerry represented me in a family court matter that resolved to my satisfaction. Recently my young adult son was in need of an attorney and I helped him hire Kerry. In both matters Kerry displayed his best qualities of intelligence, warmth, efficiency and humor. In both cases I could not have been happier with the outcomes. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone in need of legal counsel.

- etk

I've known Kerry for about 2 years and he's represented me in 2 different legal matters. In both situations Kerry was extremely prepared and knowledgeable. His expertise and guidance in these matters was invaluable. He was always accessible either live or through phone conversation and always followed up when an answer to a question was needed. I would recommend Kerry very highly to anyone needing legal assistance.

- Rick K.

I would absolutely refer Kerry without a Doubt! He was wonderful to work with, understanding, down to earth and very attentive. Nicole his Assistant was also very friendly, helpful and on the ball! Having to go thru issues as I did, they made it easier to deal with the issues and took care of things upfront without hesitation. Kerry's office environment is also very comfortable. So if you’re looking for a Lawyer go see Kerry, You won't be disappointed!!!

- Lisa P.

I went to Kerry after my child custody case was already underway and it was going south in a hurry. Kerry stepped in and stepped up without any hesitation and gave me courage, strength and hope when I had none left. Kerry takes the time to not only work the case 100%, but also to talk with me about the issues at hand and how we can address them with grace and dignity. I was angry, lost and confused when I went to Kerry but he has a way of defusing situations and bringing them into perspective so that I was able to proceed with the case with a sense of calm and understanding. He always returns my phone calls in a timely fashion and no matter what he's doing or where he is he stops and reviews everything with me until he knows that all my concerns are addressed. I highly recommend Kerry to anyone that needs a family attorney or Guardian Ad Litem because he is not only fair, reliable and responsible, but he is also caring, compassionate and understanding. I am extremely grateful for all that Kerry has done for me in the past and what he continues to do for me today.

- kids52

I met with Atty. Rafanelli after a recommendation from a family member. A divorce is not something to go through alone. With Kerry, I felt there was someone to answer all my questions and even soothe my nerves. His personality and demeanor was of great comfort as well as his no nonsense approach to my questions and concerns. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends.

- Jen D.

I appreciated all the hard work that Kerry put into my case. I felt that he was very personable, down to earth, and knowledgeable. I was more than comfortable walking into court with Kerry at my side, he did an excellent job and I would one hundred percent have him represent me in the future if need be.

-  Trent D.

I have to say Kerry was great at handling my divorce which could have been the messiest thing in RI, he handled my wife's lawyer very well, showed compassion and explained to me my options. I trust Kerry with all of my legal affairs and I do plan on hiring him again.

- Fares L.

Kerry helped me get through my divorce which to me could have been a devastating process. He is a professional and caring person. Money was never his main concern but justice and fairness was. I would and have recommended him many times. He has made a friend and client for life!

- Kevin T.

The first day I met Kerry, I knew I had the right person to get me through my divorce. I meet with two other lawyers before Kerry and knew they were not right for me. Everything Kerry explained to me that first meeting, was pretty much how it went. He was very informative, professional, compassionate and patient. Along with his sense of humor, confidence and encouragement, I made it through this difficult time in my life. Kerry always made me feel like he had my back and would do whatever it took to get me through this legal process.


We were in situation where we needed legal advice. Not knowing where to turn a friend recommended Kerry Rafanelli. After a brief consultation we were very comfortable with Kerry. Kerry possesses the legal expertise we were looking for. In a very short time Kerry was able to navigate us through the legal system to obtain the results we were looking for. I would without hesitation recommend Kerry Rafanelli and his staff for any legal situation.

- Thomasinneedofhelp

Divorce is not an easy time for anyone, from our first meeting I knew that Kerry was a very knowledgeable attorney regarding divorce. He never made me feel pressured or rushed for time. He always returned my calls within a reasonable time frame. Having 4 small children I was very worried about custody arrangements. In the end I was very happy with the outcome. It has been several months and I am so glad I made the choice to get a divorce and that I chose Kerry to represent me. Thank you!!

- Linda T.

I utilized Kerry's services for my divorce in 2007. Kerry made such a horrific situation bearable. I have used Kerry since for other legal matters. He is open, honest, compassionate, and just a wonderful guy. I have recommended Kerry's services to family and friends. All have been very pleased as well. I would also highly recommend Kerry for any issues regarding children. He is "the Guardian", I would trust him with my children and grand-children, and have.

- Kathleen S.

Attorney Rafanelli is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in family law matters. In addition, he is dedicated to his clients and always is looking out for the best interest of his client and any minor children involved. His practical approach in dealing with sensitive issues is very effective in resolving conflicts. I couldn’t have gotten through this very difficult time in my life without the dedication and support of Attorney Rafanelli. His professional approach to my divorce was a stabilizing influence. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has to deal with this life changing event or any other legal matter.

- Kristen C.

From the first meeting to the last correspondence you will not be sorry. Kerry makes you feel right at home and comfortable. He is always there for you and can explain issues in layman's terms and not in confusing legal jargon. Every issue is handled professionally and in a timely manner, not like the attorney on the other side. Friend for life, and Friar too.

- Dave T.

Kerry was referred by a friend, and I have to say, divorce is not easy, but he put us at ease...even my soon to be X-husband was pleased with whom I'd chosen. Kerry is an excellent attorney, but more than that, he is compassionate, down to earth, and just a good guy. I have and would recommend him to others.

- Ann Marie L.

Kerry is the best! He is professional, well prepared and will work diligently to ensure you have an excellent result for your situation. I have had Kerry represent a family member multiple times and he has ensured that we have secured a very positive outcome given the set of circumstances. I recommend Kerry to everyone. He is the real deal!

- omahacws

In my work I come into contact with multiple attorneys, after inquiring I found that many of them would choose Kerry to represent them, should they require representation... I now know why.

- Michael M.

Kerry is one of the most down to earth attorneys I have ever worked with. When I go into his office, it is more like walking into a friend's house. His dog, Friar, greets you as you walk in and are you feel immediately at ease. You can look around at all of the memorabilia of New England sports as well as Providence College paraphernalia. However when you sit down with Kerry, you realize his dedication to his teams flows through to his clients as well. I recommend Kerry Rafanelli to be a trusted guide in the court system during a tumultuous time in a families’ life.

- Jenna B. 

Kerry Rafanelli is amazing at what he does. He works very hard to make sure I am getting what I deserve. He is professional and easy to communicate with. I am so thankful that he is my attorney. He is supportive, honest, and dependable. I would recommend Kerry Rafanelli to anyone looking for a good attorney.

- Kelly

I have required Kerry's legal assistance several times for family members. He has always been accessible and accommodating whether on a weekend or after hours. Kerry is very direct and says things like it is. He knows everyone in the court systems which helps for good outcomes and to maneuver through the system. I would recommend Kerry to anyone in need of legal services.

_ 123legal456

Kerry has been my lawyer for 3 years. He is of utmost professionalism and is very knowledgeable in the law. He is very caring and gave me his cell number to call if there were any issues due to my difficult divorce. He has answered my calls on weekends and late nights due to issues. I would recommend him very highly

- Jill M.

I have been a client of Kerry Rafanelli's for 3 years. He is first and foremost a fantastic lawyer, who has helped my daughter and I through a very difficult divorce. Secondly, he is very knowledgeable in the law and very quick witted, especially in the courtroom. When we are in the courtroom, I am thanking God that he is my lawyer, because he is very sharp, quick with laws, replies and he knows my case in and out. Thirdly, because my case is complicated, Kerry has answered my calls on weekends and at night, which I know most lawyers would not do. I would recommend Kerry with the utmost highest recommendation.

- Mjm4901

I had the pleasure of meeting Kerry when he handled my divorce. It was a very difficult time for me, yet somehow he managed to make it less painful. He was extremely professional, yet caring. He provided sound legal advice at a very reasonable cost. My meetings with him were always on schedule, and he took the time to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Kerry and hire him for future legal services.

- Nina P.

Kerry handled my divorce with great sensitivity and professionalism. He expedited the process and minimized the overall cost of the divorce. I would highly recommend him for any divorce situation.

- Randy W.

If you are looking for an attorney who will handle your case with business savvy and street smarts, Kerry is your man. His knowledge of RI Law, professionalism and protection for your children is outstanding. He is also kind and caring. Kerry truly puts your child's best interest at the forefront of the matter where it should be. He has heart, but is definitely a triple threat. A true force to be reckoned with. He will not tolerate any nonsense from the other attorney or his/her client. Your choice for Kerry Rafanelli is the best decision you will ever make for you and your child/children. I cannot say enough about how happy and impressed I was with his counsel.

- Maureen

After 31 years of marriage I found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to hire a divorce lawyer. Kerry Rafanelli was my choice because he made me feel at ease with the whole process. He took the time to explain things to me in terms I could easily understand. He always had my best interest at heart and made himself available to meet w/me at odd hours (due to my job). In the end I was very happy to have Kerry representing me.

- Tony C. 

I want to thank Mr. Rafanelli for the excellent handling of my divorce case. He handled my case in a thorough and professional manner while at the same time showing compassion and sympathy in what was a difficult period in my life.

- Bruce F.

After three separate recommendations, my ex-husband and I engaged Kerry as our divorce mediator three years ago. We have young children and wished to simplify as much as possible what can be a painful and overwhelming process. Kerry exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only is he an extremely experienced and knowledgeable attorney, but he also has the unique ability to connect with people in a very real, sincere and human way. He listened to each of us intently as we voiced our concerns and while he was candid and direct in response to our questions, he did so in a kind and compassionate manner. I would highly recommend Kerry as both an attorney and/or divorce mediator, especially if your case involves children. He has a deep understanding of how divorce affects families -- and applies this understanding to try and do what is truly in the best interest of the children.

- Lucy B.

It’s been my pleasure to have Kerry Rafanelli represent me for the past twelve years. During that time I have been very pleased with his level of expertise and his experience. But, he also balances that with a basic sense of fair play and decency that is all too rare these days. He has my highest recommendation.

- Steve S.

I have known Kerry for 18 years. I have always known him to be professional, caring, and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the law. He goes above and beyond making himself available to all of his clients. I feel extremely confident in his abilities and his character as a person so much so that I have referred many family and friends to him.

- Pam T.

I have had many dealings with Kerry Rafanelli. He has always been professional and caring with regards to myself and four children. Money has never been his main concern but justice and fairness has always been foremost on his agenda. I have recommended him many times and he has always received glowing reviews and satisfied clients.

-   Meg S.

When life gets complicated it's comforting to know that you have someone you can trust to un-complicate things for you. I believe Kerry is driven by strong family and ethical values and really cares about his clients. Kerry was a pleasure to work with. I recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney.

- Lou M.

As the single custodial parent of four small children all under the age of seven, I can't begin to thank Attorney Rafanelli for all he has done for my family. His compassionate and caring nature was truly a blessing and a great asset in fighting for my rights and my children's best interest. He regularly went above and beyond to advocate for our concerns and to make a very difficult situation for my children and I less painful. He has a strong sense of family values. I would recommend Attorney Rafanelli to anyone who wants the best representation for themselves and/or their families.

- Jon C.

Kerry Rafanelli is bright, intuitive and prioritizes the best interest of the child. He is caring and professional and is willing to "speak the truth." I highly recommend Kerry Rafanelli to anyone who needs an excellent, ethical attorney.

- C. Gordon

Kerry represented me when I was going through a divorce. My ex-husband and I originally had gone to a mediator and we were looking to go toward that route. My husband and I did not see eye-to-eye on the original mediator. When I called to cancel the appointment, the mediator recommended Kerry. I originally wanted Kerry to mediate, but after hearing our situation he felt that another route would be better for us and we would save money. I am glad that he recommended him. Kerry is professional, compassionate and down to earth. He was able to bring humor into this sensitive situation. I felt at ease and I knew that I was in good hands. I would recommend Kerry to anyone who is going through a divorce.

- Brenda J.

I would highly recommend Attorney Kerry Rafanelli to anyone who is looking for an attorney. I have recommended Attorney Rafanelli to several friends who were also very happy with their outcome. Out of five stars he is more than a five… I would give him a ten! Kerry is a top notch attorney that is extremely intelligent, kind and very caring. He listens to you and takes the time to give your case 100 percent. He truly cares about you as a person. His heart and soul goes into each case that he takes on. He has helped me time and time again with all my legal matters regarding my divorce to property issues that I have encountered.
When you step into his office he makes you feel comfortable during a most difficult situation. If you're looking for an Attorney, Kerry Rafanelli is the person to call for any and all legal matters. You will not be disappointed! I wasn't!

- Kerri T. Providence, RI

Kerry came highly recommended to me by a neighbor when I found myself in need of a divorce attorney. Kerry took what was an extremely stressful situation and guided me through the process with ease and professionalism. I recently found myself looking to draft up a will for myself recently and did not think twice about using his services once again.

- Donna C. Rhode Island