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Protecting children and adults with disabilities

A legal guardian provides care and makes decisions for a person who is unable to do so -- typically because the person is a minor or has a physical, mental or emotional impairment or disability. The level of decision-making authority depends on the extent to which the person is not able. When the ward is a child, for example, the guardian is often given legal and physical responsibility to handle such matters as medical care, education, military enlistment and driver's license privileges.

For 30 years, family law attorney Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has handled important guardianship issues in the family law and probate courts. In his role as a guardian ad litem, Kerry skillfully advocates for children's best interest. From this unique perspective, we are able to help you develop positive solutions for children in need of guardianship.

Guardianship in Family Court

The Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Family (DCYF) strives to place children in permanent situations either through reunification, adoption or guardianship. DCYF recommends guardianship when termination of the biological parents' rights is not in the child's best interest or if adoption is not an option. The natural parents are often allowed visitation rights and typically have a duty to pay child support to the guardian. However, the guardian has the decision-making authority. The guardian must appear before the court periodically to update the judge on the child's well-being

Probate court

A probate court appoints a guardian for minor children upon the death of their parents. A court generally adheres to the parent's guardianship choice that is named in the will. A guardian may also be appointed after the death of a caregiver of an adult with a disability. Guardianships in Probate Court also occur when it has been determined by the primary medical physician of an individual that they are no longer capable of properly caring for themselves or their personal financial estate.  Our Warwick guardianship attorney assists you in creating your estate plan so that you can feel confident that your loved ones will be given the care and protection they need.

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