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Recovery for mistakes made by medical professionals and hospitals

You rely on your doctors to make you well. When instead your medical treatment harms you, you deserve compensation from the negligent doctors, nurses, lab technicians, staff or hospital responsible. For 30 years, Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has helped patients injured by medical professionals. We demand your rightful compensation for injuries caused by:

  • Surgical mistake
  • Hospital slip-and-fall
  • Birthing injury to child
  • Obstetric injury to mother
  • Radiation accident
  • Medication dosing error
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical
  • Botched cosmetic procedure
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Nursing mistake

Proving medical malpractice in Rhode Island

To prevail on your medical malpractice claim, you must prove that a doctor, hospital or other health care professional or provider did not meet the standard of professional competence, which resulted in provable damages. We focus on establishing all elements of your claim through clear and persuasive evidence, including:

1. You were owed a duty of care -- Although this element is more straightforward in a cause of action against the hospital where you were admitted or a doctor from whom you received ongoing treatment, we also think outside the box to establish duty in cases involving less direct services from other medical professionals -- such as lab technicians, paramedics or medical equipment corporations.
2. A medical professional breached the duty of care -- Experts testify as to the standard of care in a particular situation and then we present evidence demonstrating that the professional did not meet this standard.
3. The breach of duty caused injury to you -- By presenting testimony, medical records and diagnostic tests results, we demonstrate that the medical professional's negligent action -- or inaction -- proximately caused your injury or illness or it exacerbated your medical condition.
4. The level of damages you suffered -- To prove the nature and level of your damages, we present photographs, doctors' reports, disability information, maximum medical improvement assessments, medical bills, income statements from before and after your accident and testimony from your family members.

Our strategies are designed to maximize your recovery through settlement negotiations or trial verdicts. Because we handle your case on contingency, you do not pay us for our attorneys' fees until we recover compensation in your case.

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