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Three decades of dedicated service to Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents

Kerry I. Rafanelli, Attorney at Law has helped clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for 30 years. All clients work directly with our dedicated lawyer Kerry Rafanelli who is supported by an attentive, capable staff. Read Kerry's attorney profile to learn more about his background and commitment to the ethical, professional practice of law in the areas of divorce, family law, personal injury, estate planning and criminal defense.

Our law firm philosophy: focus on mediation

Our law firm strives to bring people together to reach settlements and avoid litigation whenever possible. As a mediator, we act as a facilitator to guide disputing parties toward win-win solutions. We help opposing sides recognize common grounds and assist them in compromising on issues about which they disagree. We also represent clients who are involved in the mediation process. In this role, we strategize a plan of action to reach our goals of attaining the best possible settlements for our clients.

Our focus on mediation provides you with substantial benefits. Often this dispute resolution method is less expensive and more expedient than trial and reduces the stress and hostility that can arise in litigation. You can opt for mediation to resolve cases involving divorce, child relocation, probate, personal injury and insurance claims. Our substantial experience in mediation also translates into effective negotiating skills that produce equitable agreements between couples, family members or business partners.

Compassion and respect to families and children

Although we encourage peaceful resolution, we can skillfully litigate when necessary to accomplish just results in your case. We compassionately guide you through any situation with consideration and perseverance. To best serve you, our lawyer in North Kingstown accommodates your schedule by setting after-hour appointments and travelling to your home if you are not able to get to our office during regular business hours.

Children are always our top priority when their best interests are involved. The courts regularly appoint Kerry as guardian ad litem to represent children in contentious divorces and family law disputes. However, even in cases in which the parents are willing to work together, the children's wishes can get lost in the court case. We give children a voice so that you can feel confident about the choices you make on their behalf.

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