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Establishing paternity is important to the child, parents and extended family. Fatherhood comes with substantial rights, responsibilities and joys. The child is entitled to benefits that may include financial support, inheritance, medical coverage, Social Security veterans' programs, and the opportunity to form a strong bond with a father.

East Greenwich paternity lawyer Kerry I. Rafanelli has 30 years of experience in all types of family law cases -- including custody, adoption, guardianships and petitions for relocation. Our firm assists mothers in identifying fathers and then pursuing child support. We help fathers who want to acknowledge their children and obtain visitation rights. Also, we protect men against whom an inaccurate claim of fatherhood has been filed. Whichever is your situation, we are here to support you and your family.

Means of establishing paternity

If the mother is married, the husband is presumed to be the father of her child. Single parents establish paternity in several ways:

  • A father can sign an affidavit and voluntarily acknowledge paternity
  • The Office of Child Support Services can file a complaint against the man the mother alleges is the father to which he can answer with a request for a DNA test
  • The father can answer the Office of Child Support Services complaint, affirming his paternity
  • Paternity is established by default if the father fails to answer the Office of Child Support Services complaint

DNA testing

DNA testing can determine to near certainty the identity of a child's parents. A man who challenges his paternity can request a DNA test.

What happens after paternity is established

After the fatherhood is acknowledged or proved, we take the next crucial legal steps for you and your child. Child support, custody and visitation are not automatically set. Our law firm files the appropriate paperwork so that you can visit with your child or receive payments for current and back child support.

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