Legal Help with the Valuation of Complex Assets

North Kingstown Property Settlement Attorney

A lot of divorces get bogged down in arguments over the division of marital assets . This is especially true with large marital estates or when complex assets are involved, like art or collections or investment portfolios.

Before you spend even one minute arguing over the division of marital property, be sure you have accurate information about the true value of the asset. Without an accurate valuation of a complex asset, you are simply wasting your time.

North Kingston property settlement attorney Kerry I. Rafanelli has decades of experiencing helping clients with complex property division in Rhode Island divorce cases. He has worked with business auditors and business valuators , real estate appraisers and pension appraisers, art and antique appraisers. If you have questions about how a particular asset should be valued, call Kerry Rafanelli at 401-398-8388 or contact our law office online to schedule a consultation.

Present day value, not the price you paid

You may remember the price you paid for that car, rare stamp, painting or piece of sports memorabilia, but price is not the same as value. The value of an item is what someone who knows the value of an item would pay for it today. That may be more – or less – than you paid for it initially. An appraiser will look at similar items that have sold recently, as well as the quality of your item, before giving an opinion about the current value.

Dividing a pension and other retirement assets

A pension is, in most cases, a divisible asset in divorce, but the division may not be 50/50. Did the pension earner have ownership of the pension before the marriage began? If so, the other spouse will likely be entitled only to half the increase in value of the portion of the pension earned during the marriage.

Protecting your financial interests in complex assets

If you will need expert assistance with a valuation, Mr. Rafanelli can refer you to appraisers and valuators who can help. Call Kerry Rafanelli, Attorney at Law at 401-398-8388 to schedule an appointment.