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Circumstances change and court orders need to change, too. This is particularly true of court orders for financial support.

  • A support-paying parent gets a raise or their hours get cut at work
  • A child enters daycare or outgrows the need for daycare
  • Parenting schedules change and the paying parent now has more time with the child
  • Child custody changes entirely so that the parent who paid support should now receive support

All of these situations should trigger a change child support. Even alimony orders can change based on the marital status or financial means of the parties.

Any time a change in child support or alimony is warranted, you will need to bring your case back to Rhode Island family court. You will need to provide evidence that the change in circumstances was significant enough to warrant a change in the support order. This is where North Kingstown child support and alimony lawyer Kerry I. Rafanelli can help you. Call 401-398-8388 to schedule a consultation at our East Greenwich law office.

Alimony and property division

It IS possible to change a spousal support order. This is usually done when an ex-spouse remarries or begins living with someone else (cohabitation). Less common is the approval of a request to increase or to extend alimony beyond the date in the original order. But if the receiving spouse suffers an illness or job loss, a temporary change in alimony may be approved.

On rare occasion, a family court judge may approve a change to an order for property division. This could occur if it can be proven that one of the parties lied about significant assets.

It's more common, however, for the parties to go back to court to enforce part of a property settlement agreement that relates to a delayed division of property, such as the sale of a house after children leave home. If the sale of the property and division of the proceeds didn't occur, the person awaiting payment can bring the other party back to court to enforce the original property settlement agreement.

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